Set of 3 Sliding Lid Tea Boxes for a discounted price!


From the 'Not Floored Range'.
Back by popular demand these re-imagined small wooden boxes are suitable for tea or other items, being oiled with food safe grape seed oil. 

Each box has been hand-made from salvaged floor boards. The boards were going to be chipped and burnt due to flaws in the tongue and groove, allowing for the name of the newly launched 'Not Floored' range. The boxes measure 93 mm high by 85 mm wide and are perfect for storing tea in the kitchen or organising one's desk in the office.


Made from Tasmanian Eucalypt.


Sliding Lid Tea Box - Set of 3

AU$147.00 Regular Price
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  • Height: 93 mm
    Width: 85 mm
    Material: Salvaged Tasmanian Eucalypt floorboards