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The first iteration of the Propeller Blossom (800) was launched in Milan at Euroluce in 2019 and measured around 85 cm in diameter. The Propeller Blossom 1000 was developed in response to a customer’s request. We worked out a way to create a more open and wider form. The resulting lighting is approximately 105 cm in diameter.


At around double the size of the original Propeller Pendant, it'll be a showpiece in any space, while the flat-pack system still allows for ease in transport - reducing the cost of shipping and its effect on the environment.


Meshing organic and industrial shapes, these lights cast dramatic shadows through an 8-bladed floral-inspired form. A mix of hand-driven and computer-aided machines have been used in the crafting of these lights, which are designed and produced in Tasmania.

The 8 curved blades slot into a custom central bracket and are held in place with small grub screws with a custom ‘T-Block’ clamping system. The bracket then fixes into a turned Tasmanian Blackwood nose cone cover cap. The pendants are easily assembled, with a similar system to the standard sized Propeller, of which an instructional video can be found here.


The Propeller Blossom Pendant Light comes with a standard 2m long electrical cord in black cloth, a woven thin stainless suspension cord, with a black ceiling rose, custom-made aluminium bracket, and turned Tasmanian Blackwood nose cone cover cap.

Propeller Blossom Pendant Light - Tasmanian Eucalypt

  • Dimensions, assembled: 85 x 85 x 85cm approx.

    Weight: 3.3kg approx.

    2m cloth-covered black pendant cord, black ceiling rose and lamp holder included

    For E27 LED globes


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