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The Cracked Log Lamps are made from salvaged logs which would otherwise have been burnt. These lamps embrace, rather than avoid the naturally occurring cracks in refuse logs. By turning them into a vessel for light, we can bring the outside in, and be reminded of our intrinsic connection with nature.

The warm yellow light coming through each lamps unique light pattern highlights the fiery fate that the salvaged timber would have otherwise been exposed to. Being legally blind, this vision of light emanating from the peripheries and the highly tactile nature of my work, reflect the alternative sensory world within which I design.

These lamps embrace the cracks often avoided in timber based designs - pushing the light through the things often associated with darkness. Before turning on the Cracked Log Lamp, often a person would think it is purely just a log of wood.


Available in the original Natural finish and the recently released charred finish.


The ‘Natural’ finish has been sanded on top whilst the sides remain raw. The top is coated with natural wax oil by Osmo, preserving the beauty and smoothness on the top of each log. The ‘Charred’ finish has undergone Shou Suugi Ban treatment. We achieve Shou Suugi Ban by burning each log with a controlled method.  We then stabilise the external surface of the material with a mix of bees wax and linseed oil to increase the longevity of the item and reduce transmission of char onto surrounding items.

Cracked Log Lamp

  • - Ready wired for Australian power point

    - Inline switch.

    - Edison Screw styled fitting

    - Recommended for use with 600 -800 lumen warm white energy saving globe.

    - Dimensions approximately 250mm x 200mm (Lamps vary in size and weight due to the nature of material).

    NOTE: The Cracked Log Lamp is for dry indoor use only.

    For international orders email the Duncan Meerding team direct for a freight quotation:





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